1. Four Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings
    2. Four Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings Four row cylindrical roller bearings are exclusively designed and used as roll-neck bearings for back-up rolls, intermediate rolls and work rolls of rolling mill ...
    1. Four Row Tapered Roller Bearings
    2. Four Row Tapered Roller Bearings Four row tapered roller bearings are widely used in back-up roll, intermediate roll and work roll applications for rolling and processing of steel profiles and rods.
    1. Backup Bearings (Sendzimir Bearings)
    2. Backup Bearings (Sendzimir Bearings) Backup Bearings (Sendzimir Bearings) are one of the three leading products of rolling mill bearings that WZZZ provides, it has thicker outer ring, simple shape and high precision.
    1. Cylindrical Roller Bearings
    2. Cylindrical Roller Bearings WZZZ offers a wide range of cylindrical roller bearings for various motors, generators, internal combustion engines, gas turbines, machine tool spindles, reduction drives ...
    1. Tapered Roller Bearings
    2. Tapered Roller Bearings Tapered roller bearings are capable of withstanding radial loads or combined radial and axial loads. The outer ring of bearing is detachable and easy to assembly.